Welcome to Hostile Suns!

I have dumped my Mongoose Traveller (MT), GDW Classic (CT) and home-grown rules from my “Extrasolar” campaign in favour of the Eclipse Phase rules and background, which would not be a far stretch for what I envisaged for my original campaign.

Eclipse Phase is not just better done and more detailed, it is way darker than I envisaged my own campaign, and if you know me, you know I like DARK… This campaign is always spooling in the front and back lobes of my brain, with on-again off-again online play but I would like to get into something a little more hands-on with local players and real tabletop paper game play in the near future.

I have/will upload backdated reports, files and related materials after I hit the reset button on this Verse. Please find within the primary links to get you started on the Eclipse Phase game and setting. This includes the starter guide, which contains some of the background you need to start wrapping your head around this amazing and detailed HARD Science Fiction setting. I’ve bought all of the hardcover books and other PDFs available to date and I’m still wrapping my head around this too, it’s a lot to read. I highly recommend, if you are interested in playing, that you read the starter guide. You can also check out the Eclipse Phase website.

Please contact me to make arrangements and/or set timings to get together for character development and creation. Once I get a few players together I will start this puppy goin’.

Eclipse Phase - Hostile Suns

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